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The 22 artists participating this year will make works that reflect their understanding and approach to the theme of 'Political Climate' to be exhibited in a bush setting adjacent to the historic Carrick Hill house.


See works by 

Greg Johns, Clancy Warner, Quentin Gore, Greg Hatcher, Sonali Patel, Karl Meyer, Samuel Mulcahy, Marijan Bekic, Wes Maselli, Lindy Sando, JoJo Spook, Tim Shaw, Georgina Allain,

 Lorry Wedding Marchiorio, Oakey, Westley Tulley, Deb Sleeman, Jane Skeer, Wills Projects, Tom Borgas, David Atkins, Nicholas Uhlmann.

The exhibition will run from 23rd October 2022 to 15th January 2023.

The opening hours will be the same as Carrick Hill House:
Wednesday to Sundays – 10am to 4.30pm

Attendees have two ticket purchase options
(plus concession options):

1. Exhibition only
2. HSB exhibition and entry to the main house

The exhibition catologue is included within the ticket price and can be collected upon arrival.
Please note that there is a booking fee added to the ticket prices.
The exhibition is located in the bushland inline with the front door of the house, 200m away.

Signage will direct you to the site of the exhibition.


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