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Change of date for 9th Heysen Sculpture Biennial

October 16, 2016

The Committee decided to host the next HSB in 2019 instead of 2018, with subsequent HSB's happening in odd years. This decision followed comments from artists that the schedule of the Heysen Sculpture Biennial and the Palmer Sculpture Biennial - both occuring during The Adelaide Fringe Festival in even years - made it difficult to plan and create exciting new works for both of these outdoors sculpture exhibitions in the Adelaide Hills. We look forward to exciting new works in the 2019 HSB.

In an email to artists who have exhibited at one or more of the HSBs notifying them of the change of date, Committee Chair Rick Clise asked the artists to complete a short 10 question anonymous survey about the HSB and their experiences. The Committee will use information collected from this survey in planning future HSB exhibitions. Artists are asked to complete the survey by October 21st.


Several works from the 2016 HSB to remain on site

May 5, 2016

The Committee is working with several artists to retain their sculptures at The Cedars for an extended period. There are several works from previous HSBs that have been permanently acquired by The Cedars and signage will be installed to clearly indicate these works from the ones remaining onsite temporarily.


Nicholas Uhlmann wins The Courier People's Choice Award

May 2, 2016

Congratulations to Nick Uhlmann for winning the People's Choice Award for the most popular work during the 2016 Heysen Sculpture Biennial. Visitors to the exhibition submit their vote of the sculpture that they liked the best, and at the end of the exhibition the work with the most votes receives the award. The $1,000 cash prize is generously sponsored by The Courier Newspaper and was presented by Norman Marston, Managing Director of The Courier.


Date changed to Oct 26 for artists' site selection visit

September 10, 2015

The date for the artists' site selection visit has been changed from September 28th to October 26th. All participating artists have been emailed about the change.


2016 HSB opening and Hahndorf Academy 2017 exhibition opportunity announced

February 21, 2016

The 8th Heysen Sculpture Biennial was officially opened tonight by Erica Green, Director of the Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art. A large crowd of sculpture lovers enjoyed the lovely warm evening at The Cedars a performance within Ian Hamilton and John Hayward's installation, 'Genially Modified Crop'.

Like last Biennial, the director of The Hahndorf Academy selected an artist to exhibit in the Academy during 2017. Rachel McElwee, Hahndorf Academy Director, selected 3 artists this time for the 2017 exhibition opportunity: Deborah Canrill, David Kerr, and Tim Thomson. Congratulations to all 3 artists for this opportunity. The committee of the Heysen Sculpture Biennial appreciates the on-going support by The Hahndorf Academy


Artists Announced for 2016 Heysen Sculpture Biennial

August 1, 2015

The committee is pleased to announce the artists who will be exhibiting in the 2016 Heysen Sculpture Biennial. The selection process was based on the works proposed by the artist, either an existing work that had not been exhibited in Adelaide within the past 2 years, or a proposal for a new work for the 2016 HSB. There are 23 artists from South Australia, 4 from Victoria and 1 from Queensland.


The artists are:

  • David Atkins SA

  • Deborah Cantrill SA

  • Ben Carroll VIC

  • Jan Clifford SA

  • Quentin Gore SA

  • Ian Hamilton & John Hayward SA

  • Tony Hannan SA

  • John Hayward SA

  • Kon Heyer SA

  • Penn Housman SA

  • Greg Johns SA

  • David Kerr SA

  • Max Lyle SA

  • Carmel Marsden QLD

  • Ray Meandering SA

  • Maggie Moy SA

  • Astra Parker SA

  • Flossie Peitsch VIC

  • Ron Rowe SA

  • Fatih Semiz VIC

  • Tim Thomson SA

  • Nicholas Uhlmann SA

  • Ronda Wallis SA

  • Clancy Warner SA

  • Lorry Wedding-Marchioro SA

  • Margaret Worth SA

  • Z Zeimer VIC

The exhibition dates are 21 February to 1 May 2016 at The Cedars, outside Hahndorf in South Australia.


2016 Heysen Sculpture Biennial Entries Open

March 12th, 2015

The Committee is now accepting submissions from artists for the 2016 Heysen Sculpture Biennial, to be held from 21 February to 1 May 2016. Entries close 30 June 2015.


Heysen Sculpture Biennial Inc Committee Changes

March 4th, 2015

Committee member Sally Wickes, who was the Artists' Coordinator for the 2014 HSB, and an exhibitor herself, has resigned from the committee to pursue her fulltime art school studies. The committee sincerely thanks Sally for her significant involvement in the 2014 HSB and her thoughtful contributions to the committee. Sally is an emerging artist working with stone, bronze and ceramic and has received awards in the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize and Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures. Sally has five years experience in community art and joined the HSB committee in 2012.


February 4th, 2015

The committee welcomes new members, both exhibitors in previous HSBs, Ian Hamilton and David Kerr. Ian and David are well-respected in the visual arts community and the committee is stronger with their involvement.


December 10th, 2014

The committee sincerely thanks Ron Rowe for his dedicated service and contributions to the HSB Inc committee. Ron has retired from the committee due to his substantial travel committments in 2015, but has kindly agreed to assist with the site selection day for the 2016 exhibition. Ron has been involved with many of the HSB events and was the original web developer for the HSB website. Ron is an artist who works with a variety of materials in Sculpture, Ceramics and Digital Media and has been exhibiting since 1965. He worked at the South Australian School of Art as a Senior Lecturer in Sculpture.

The committee wishes Ron all the best and looks forward to his assistance in early 2016.

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