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Artists selected for the 2022 Biennial

After receiving a large number of applicants, we are thrilled to announce the 23 artists who will be presenting their work for this years Heysen Sculpture Biennial at Carrick Hill house!

Congratulations to:


Greg Johns, Clancy Warner, Quentin Gore, Greg Hatcher, Sonali Patel, Karl Meyer, Samuel Mulcahy, Marijan Bekic, Wes Maselli, Lindy Sando, JoJo Spook, Tim Shaw, Georgina Allain, James Stewart, Lorry Wedding Marchiorio, Oakey, Westley Tulley, Deb Sleeman, Jane Skeer, Wills Projects, Tom Borgas, David Atkins, Nicholas Uhlmann.

This years' biennial will be curated by Leah Grace. Artists applying to the 2022 Heysen Sculpture Biennial have been invited to respond to the theme of Political Climate. Leah says that 'Political Climate is the aggregate mood and opinions of a political society at a particular time. It is generally used to describe when the state of mood and opinion is changing or unstable'. The 23 artists participating will make works that reflect their understanding and approach to the theme to be exhibited in a bush setting adjacent to the historic Carrick Hill house.

New committee members needed

The Heysen Sculpture Biennial committee are looking for new board members. We need administrators, artists and people who are widely interested in the arts. Your role on the committee will help to shape the development of future biennials. Applications and Expressions of Interest are now open. Please contact us using the email address below.

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